KEHANG Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd.
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NINGBO KEHANG ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is an environmentally-friendly technology enterprise specializing in product development, design, production and sales in the field of environmental protection.
We rely on professional R&D and innovation capabilities, school-enterprise cooperation, and working closely with foreign experts on designing,producing and improving the various products through these years. till now KeHang has developed: high-efficiency (Electrostatic Precipitator ) ESP Purifiers, DBD Ionizers, Ion Air Sterilizers, Ozone & UV Air Sterilizer , Fresh Air Ventilation System and other environmental-friendly products.
We focus on using green technology with eco-friendly materials and equipments in the process of solving our customers’ problem such as stinky odour , germs problems, pest infestation and air pollution, also meet the huge demands of solving the Kitchen fume problems for big restaurants or residence buildings according to the regulations and requirements from Chinese Environmental Protection Administration. This whole set of ESP equipments also help reducing PM2.5 when it’s turned to service air outdoors.
KEHANG also provides quality OEM or ODM services to domestic and foreign customers.


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